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Free Excel Toys Workshop (Updated)

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Want to have some fun? Here is a new way to create a basic Excel business analysis system that is customized just for you. How? You build it to your specifications from preconfigured modules.

All you do is open and save "mastertoy.xls" plus your module selections then add the modules to the "mastertoy.xls" workbook one at a time.
It's really cool because all of the modules (toys) are automatically linked to "mastertoy.xls" for broadcasting throughout all of the imported modules. This means that after you build your system you only have to update the Master Data Entry worksheet.   

In addition to our Free Training Section, this is great way to get better  acquainted with  the power and flexibility of Excel and our systems.

You may want to look at the advanced system that evolved out of this Toy.
If so, Click Here.


This is a very basic analysis system. It should not be confused with our products which are more comprehensive.

We do not recommend the use of this system if you are an accountant, business owner, startup entrepreneur,  consultant, CFO, or any financial professional.

Think of this system as a learning exercise in business analysis concepts and using Excel to do it.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow these steps exactly and in order.

You use only one Excel feature - "Move or Copy . . . ".  for importing into "mastertoy.xls".

1. Using Windows Explorer, create a folder and name it "toys" (without the quotes).

2. On this page, Click On and Save "mastertoy.xls" to the toys folder.

3. Click On and Save all of your module choices to the toys folder.

4. Start Excel.

5. Always open  "mastertoy.xls" first.

6. Open a module.

7. Right click on the tab and choose "Move or Copy . . . "

8. In the "To Book" box, scroll and select mastertoy.xls.

9. In the "Before sheet box", scroll and select any location you desire.

10. Click OK.

NOTE: If there are more than one worksheet showing in a module, right click on any tab and choose "Select All Sheets" and repeat steps 7, 8, 9, and 10.

The numbers in parentheses are worksheets per module.


mastertoy.xls (9) (Click On and Save First)
1. Master Data Entry
2. Forecast Analysis
3. Financial Summary
4. Executive Summary
5. Comparative Income Statement
6. Comparative Balance Sheet
7. Cash Flow Data Entry
8. Cash Flow 4 Periods
9. Cash Flow 8 Periods







1. breakdownexpenses.xls (1)   8. charts.xls (9)
2. breakeven4periods.xls (1)   9. expenseanalysis.xls (1)
3. breakevenadjusted.xls (1)   10. expensebudget.xls (1)
4. breakevenanalysis.xls (1)   11. optimal.xls (1)
5. breakevenanalysis2.xls (1)   12. proformabalance.xls (5)
6. breakevenanalysis3.xls (1)   13. proformaincome.xls (1)
7. breakevenanalysis4.xls (1)   14. ratios.xls (13)

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