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Category 1 Classic Analysis System™ 150.00 52.50
  Business Startup Kit™ 50.00 17.50
Category 2 The Consultant III™ 350.00 122.50
Category 3 The Counselor dB™ 400.00 140.00
  Total 950.00 332.50
  Total Savings 617.50  

This product uses Excel 2010/2013/2016 / Excel 365 / Excel iPad / Excel:mac 2011.
This product is NOT compatible with Excel 2003 or 2007.

Every day, and everywhere, talented people enter the field of consultancy.

What separates a good consultant from a bad consultant? The overwhelming answer is the passion and drive for excellence and be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in.

In this day and age, anyone can be a consultant. All you need is to discover what your particular gift is. Then, acquire the proper tools for starting and executing your consulting business model.

We have receive dozens of emails from current licensed owners suggesting we create a Consultancy Package of Tools for MS Office. We responded by asking for their ideas and needs in creating this package.

Our responses indicated that we should select our very best tools and segment them into three business aging categories and then discount the entire package. Businesses usually age in three stages from Startup through Maturity.

Flexibility is the key feature of PowerPak™. You may have several clients at various stages of growth. PowerPak will have it covered since you can shift gears as the client stage changes.
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1. The Startup Business Venture (under 5 years old)
A startup consultant’s tool kit that would focus primarily at the new brick and mortar and home based business segments.

Classic Analysis System™
Business Startup Kit™

2. The Growing Business (5 to 10 years old)
This second phase is aimed at the businesses that range from stagnated growth to highly successful. The stagnated business most certainly needs some outside and unbiased consultancy. The highly successful business routinely retains consulting assistance and wishes to continue tweaking their operations.

The Consultant III™

3. The Mature Business (over 10 years old)
The third phase uses a whole library of improvements previously installed by consultants at all levels of their operations. They are always looking for fresh methods to increase their efficiency, productivity, and the bottom-line.

The Counselor dB™

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