This product is designed for Excel 2003, and Excel 2010.


PlanStar™ is the first of a new generation of innovative JaxWorks products designed for the new entrepreneurial business boom taking root in worldwide economies.

Although produced for Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, emphasis has been placed on 100% compatibility with Office 2010.

Except for advanced analysis, this system will last the lifetime of your business.

PlanStar™ helps you accomplish these proven entrepreneurial steps: 
1) Prepare to start
2) How to start
3) The Startup
4) First Year Tracking
5) Tracking Ongoing Operations
6) Maturity of Business
7) Preparing to sell
8) Sold!!
9) Off to a new venture

Entrepreneur System was created by incorporating 17 NEW analysis systems plus 393 templates into one ultimate new business startup and ongoing operating system.

The integrated systems include:
   1) The PlanStar Core Analysis System
   2) PlanStar Cash Flow Analyzer™
   3) PlanStar Microshots Pro™

   4) PlanStar MicroView™
   5) PlanStar Consolidator System™
   6) PlanStar Budgeting Analysis System
   7) PlanStar Detailed Expense Analysis System
   8) PlanStar Detailed Sales Analysis System
   9) PlanStar Business Plan Creator System
 10) PlanStar Forecasting Analysis System
 11) PlanStar Financial Projections System
 12) PlanStar Dynamic Strategic Planner
 13) PlanStar Business Audit System
 14) PlanStar Startup Business Analysis System
 15) PlanStar Pricing Analysis System
 16) The Director Business Analysis System
 17) PlanStar Small Business Manual
 18) 393 Excel Business Templates

These systems are organized into 4 categories: 

    1) PlanStar Small Business Manual Folder
    2) Startup and Expansion
    3) Financial Operations
    4) Management Analysis

To make access and navigation to the files uncomplicated, we have included a Master Control Panel which is activated by an icon on your desk top. All of the systems, except the templates, are accessible from the panel:

This product is designed for Excel 2003, and Excel 2010.




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