This product is designed for Excel 2007. 
This product is compatible with Excel 2010.

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In a recent survey, the most requested enhancement to our Mother Systems™  was linking Mother 2007™ to Chart Magic™.  After jumbo hours of linking thousands of cells, we created Mega Mother™. 


By completing only one worksheet in Mother 2007™ (The Master Data Entry worksheet) you generate every feature listed below for Mother 2007™ plus all of the features listed here for Chart Magic™.

Mega Mother™ is a comprehensive turnkey tool for analytical businesses such as consultants and accountants.

Note: This is a from-the-ground-up new product and does not qualify for free upgrade. It is offered in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 only.

Chart Magic™ Now Links to Mother 2007™ in Mega Mother™


2 Linked PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Additionally, we have added two systems for merger and acquisition analysts which are activated from the "For Consultants" index page.
Venture Planner
Venture Forecaster
Full open architecture allows you to customize to suit your needs.
This is a Microsoft Excel 2007 Product.

Quick Summary:

produces 2 analysis reports:

     1) A Standard, comprehensive, 130+ page analysis report from historical data over
         4 financial periods.

     2) A What-if, comprehensive, 130+ page analysis report by altering the Standard data
          to project  trends when various key numbers are increased or decreased.

Mother™ is an intermediate-to-advanced product and currently used by consultants and businesses of all sizes worldwide. The open and unprotected architecture allows Excel users to customize her to suit the needs of any business.

Mother™ is 4 very powerful integrated analysis systems running as one:

1. The Standard System:
The Standard System analyzes data entered on the Master Data Entry Worksheet and broadcasts these numbers over the analysis system and funnels one rating number back to this worksheet.

2. The What-if System:
The What-if System is directly linked to the Master Data Worksheet. It also broadcasts the what-if numbers across its own separate system and funnels one rating number back to this worksheet.

3. Trend Prediction:
Using regression analysis we predicted the trend based on the two scores. Since only two entries are used the predicted 3rd regression will appear exaggerated, however, it immediately indicates how proposed positive operating controls can improve the overall performance.

4. Business Audit Analysis System:
This tool will provide the small business entrepreneur with the essentials for conducting a comprehensive search for existing or potential problems. The audit was designed with small businesses in mind and addresses their unique problems and opportunities.

5. Linked to Chart Magic:
There are over 345 charts in Chart Magic™ all linked to the Mega Mother™. Additionally, There are 6 PowerPoint presentations with a total of 86 charts. All key financial charts in Chart Magic™ are linked to 4 PowerPoint presentations. You can change the charts by entering new data in Mega Mother™ and editing the presentation slides to suit your needs.

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Word 2007, Visio 2007,  and PowerPoint 2007 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office 2007, you will need:
     1) Computer and processor 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
     2) Memory 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher (1 Gig is recommended)
     3) Hard disk 1.5 gigabyte (GB)
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display 1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor
     6) Operating system Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2,
         Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system

Apple Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft  (Apple) Office Excel 2008, Word 2008, and PowerPoint 2008 system requirements
To use Apple Microsoft Office 2008, you will need:
     1) A Mac computer with an Intel 500 MHz or faster processor
     2) Operating system Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later
     3) 512 MB of RAM or more
     4) 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
     5) DVD drive
     6) 1024 x 768 or higher resolution-monitor
NOTE: Since Microsoft chose to drop VBA (Macros) in Apple Excel 2008, a good alternative is to use Boot Camp found in Mac OS X or a 3rd party virtual desktop program. This allows you to have Windows XP or Vista on your Mac desk top.

Mother's Index

This index is in workbook order.

Master Index
Summary Analysis
Rating Details
What-if Rating Details
Master Data Entry
What-if Master Data Entry
Forecast Analysis
What-if Forecast Analysis
Financial Summary
What-if Financial Summary
The Business Audit Background
Business Audit Introduction
Automatic Audit
Manual Audit
Audit Assessment Key
Mother 4 Periods
Mother Quick
What-if Snapshot
Cover Sheet
What-if Cover Sheet
Executive Summary
What-if Executive Summary
Comp. Income Statement
What-if Comp. Income Statement
Comp. Balance Sheet
What-if Comp. Balance Sheet
Logit Analysis
What-if Logit Analysis
What-if H-Factor
What-if Springate
Market Value Explained
Market Value Analysis
Optimal Performance
Payroll Analysis
Expense Analysis
Expense Budget
Proforma Balance
What-if Proforma Balance
Proforma Income
What-if Proforma Income
Sales vs. Expense
What-if Sales vs. Expense
Stock Valuation
What-if Stock Valuation
Breakdown of Costs
What-if Breakdown of Costs
BE Adjusted
What-if BE Adjusted
Break-Even Applied
Breakeven 4 Periods
What-if Breakeven 4 Periods
Breakeven Analysis
What-if Breakeven Analysis
Breakeven Analysis (2)
What-if Breakeven Analysis (2)
Breakeven Analysis (3)
What-if Breakeven Analysis (3)
Breakeven Analysis (4)
What-if Breakeven Analysis (4)
Z-Score (1) Chart
What-if Z-Score (1) Chart
Z-Score (2) Chart
What-if Z-Score (2) Chart
Z-Score (3) Chart
What-if Z-Score (3) Chart
Z-Score Analysis (1)
What-if Z-Score Analysis (1)
Z-Score Analysis (2)
What-if Z-Score Analysis (2)
Z-Score Analysis (3)
What-if Z-Score Analysis (3)
Z-Score Explained
What-if Z-Score Explained
Current Summary Chart
Sales Performance Chart
Total Expenses Chart
Materials Cost Chart
G&A Expenses Chart
Sales Projection Chart
Profit Chart
Ownership Chart
Labor Expenses Chart
Industry Analysis
Chart of Accounts
Productivity I-Survey
Productivity I
Productivity II
Productivity III
Productivity IV
Rating by Consultant
Consultant Rating Cover Sheet
Rating By Consultant Summary
Rating By Owner
Owner Rating Cover Sheet
Rating By Owner Summary
SIC Comparative RMA Analysis
Standard Industrial Codes
Ratios Introduction
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Earnings Per Share
Gross Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin
Return on Assets
Return on Equity
Average Collection Period
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Debt Ratio
Equity Ratio
Times Interest Earned Ratio
Expanded Ratios
What-if Expanded Ratios
Daily Profit Tracking
Weekly Profit Tracking
Credit Application
Accounts Receivable Aging
Accounts Payable Aging
Perpetual Inventory Control
Cash Flow Process
Cash Flow Cycle
Cash Flow 4 Years
What-if Cash Flow 4 Years
Cash Flow 8 Years
What-if Cash Flow 8 Years
Cash Flow Forecast Daily
Cash Flow Forecast Weekly
Cash Flow Forecast 12 Months
Cash Flow 4 Yrs Quarterly
Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis
Cash Flow Sensitivity AR
License Agreement


Mother 2003 Reviewer

I used Mother in the conversion of an existing resort hotel to condominium-hotel included numerous entertainment components, such as restaurants, nightclubs, and two conference centers. The revenue generated from these operating entities represented a fairly significant portion of the net operating income.

Using this program, I created financial models for each component, which eventually served as the basis for their business plans.

On a separate assignment, I created a comprehensive tenant credit analysis for a multi-property industrial portfolio, where three tenants represented approximately 70 percent of the revenue generated for the portfolio.



Mother 2007 Reviewer

In my opinion, Mother Professional Business Analysis System contains many great features for a thorough analysis of a business. One of the best features I see is the Business Audit System that is made a part of the Summary Analysis.

This Business Audit System gets management (the owners) involved with and aware of what their business needs are and gets them to realize they need to consider each and every one of these items seriously if they truly want their business to succeed.

A successful business has looked at these factors and has made a concentrated effort to make sure they all are in place.





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