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For 35 years the authors of The Medical Director™ have analyzed and advised medical organizations by regarding them as businesses. Applying objective business process analysis techniques uncovers and pinpoints strengths and weaknesses. Increased bottom-line performance is achieved by applying this knowledge. You can now view your medical organization as a business. 

It is natural for a medical consultant to know where the log jams take place in the "revenues earned" stream and they usually exist in one or more of 5 locations: 

1. Captured Charges:
  Services that are provided and not captured as charges are one of the largest sources of lost income for the medical industry.
2. Accurate Coding:
  The correct CPT code needs to be selected to accurately reflect the services provided, and the appropriate ICD-9 code(s) assigned to justify the service.
3. Accurate Billing:
  Captured and correctly coded charges need to be sent to the appropriate payor (an insurer or patient), along with accurate and correct patient demographic and insurance information.
4. Receivables Management:
  A system is needed to ensure that payments are received in the correct amount and when expected.
5. Management, Financial, and Productivity Analysis:
  Systems are needed to calculate expected and actual income, provide information on the productivity of the practice, and monitor the performance of the business process.

Number 5, Management, Financial, and Productivity Analysis, although mentioned last, is where the skilled consultant starts first. To identify exactly where to target their efforts, a complete management, productivity, and financial analysis of the medical organization is mandatory. This is where The Medical Director™ shines in that it "quickly clears the fog so you can see the landscape". You can choose to post up to 12 financial periods for analysis.

The Medical Director™ is a Comprehensive Management, Financial, and Productivity Analysis System for:
    1) Medical Consultants
    2) Physician Practice Managers,
    3) Hospitals CFOs,
    4) Medical Product Manufacturers,
    5) Medical Supply Retailers,
    6) Medical Supply Wholesalers, and
    7) Medical Equipment Service & Repair firms.

The Medical Director™ is "Printer Ready". All sheets pre-formatted.
90 worksheets
Prints 126 pages
Full open architecture allows you to customize to suit your needs.
Includes both Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007 Versions

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you will need:
     1) Computer and processor 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
     2) Memory 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher (1 Gig is recommended)
     3) Hard disk 1.5 gigabyte (GB)
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
     6) Operating system Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2,
         Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system

Apple Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft  (Apple) Office Excel 2008, Word 2008, and PowerPoint 2008 system requirements
To use Apple Microsoft Office 2008, you will need:
     1) A Mac computer with an Intel 500 MHz or faster processor
     2) Operating system Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later
     3) 512 MB of RAM or more
     4) 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
     5) DVD drive
     6) 1024 x 768 or higher resolution-monitor
NOTE: Since Microsoft chose to drop VBA (Macros) in Apple Excel 2008, a good alternative is to use Boot Camp found in Mac OS X or a 3rd party virtual desktop program. This allows you to have Windows XP or Vista on your Mac desk top.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office Excel 2003, you need:
     1) Computer and processor Personal computer with an Intel
         Pentium 233-MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)
     2) Memory 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or greater
     3) Hard disk 150 MB of available hard-disk space; optional installation files
         cache (recommended) requires an additional 200 MB of available
         hard-disk space
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution monitor
     6) Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3),
         Windows XP, or later

The Medical Director™ Index

This index is in alphabetical order.

Average Collection Period
BE Adjusted
Breakdown of Costs
Breakeven Analysis (1)
Breakeven Analysis (10)
Breakeven Analysis (11)
Breakeven Analysis (12)
Breakeven Analysis (2)
Breakeven Analysis (3)
Breakeven Analysis (4)
Breakeven Analysis (5)
Breakeven Analysis (6)
Breakeven Analysis (7)
Breakeven Analysis (8)
Breakeven Analysis (9)
Break-Even Applied
Breakeven Summary
Cash Flow
Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis
Cash Flow Sensitivity AR
Comp. Balance Sheet
Comp. Income Statement
Corporate Headcount Analysis
Cover Sheet
Current Ratio
Current Summary Chart
Debt Ratio
Earnings Per Share
Equity Ratio
Executive Summary
Expanded Ratios
Expense Analysis
Expense Budget
Financial Summary
Forecast Analysis
G&A Expenses Chart
Gross Profit Margin
Industry Analysis
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Labor Expenses Chart
Logit Analysis
Market Value Analysis
Market Value Explained
Master Data Entry
Master Index
Materials Cost Chart
Net Profit Margin
Optimal Performance
Ownership Chart
Payroll Analysis
Profit Chart
Proforma Balance
Proforma Income
Quick Ratio
Ratios Introduction
Return on Assets
Return on Equity
Return-on-investment analysis
Sales Performance Chart
Sales Projection Chart
Sales vs. Expense
SB Headcount Analysis
Snapshot (10)
Snapshot (11)
Snapshot (12)
Snapshot (2)
Snapshot (3)
Snapshot (4)
Snapshot (5)
Snapshot (6)
Snapshot (7)
Snapshot (8)
Snapshot (9)
Snapshot Summary Chart
Stock Valuation
Summary Analysis
Times Interest Earned Ratio
Total Expenses Chart
Z-Score Analysis (1)
Z-Score Analysis (2)
Z-Score Analysis (3)
Z-Score Explained
License Agreement

Automatic Configuration

These are the category choices. You click on the the button that applies to your client's category. All sheets in the Medical Director™ are reconfigured for each category.

Below are screenshots of the income statement as configured for each category.

Medical Manufacturer:

Medical Practice/Hospital:

Medical Supply Retailer:

Medical Supply Wholesaler:

Medical Equipment Repair:


The Business Audit System

Included in The Medical Director™ analysis engine is the Business Audit System that is integrated into the Summary Analysis. The audit goes beyond financials and explores into the actual operation and management of the business. This feature allows, for the first time, an overall health index that is virtually inarguable when presented to a client. All analysis conclusions are substantiated in detail worksheets. You may choose to integrate this score into the Summary Analysis or not.


The Summary Analysis

The Medical Director™ is 4 very powerful integrated analysis systems running as one:

1. The Standard System:
The Standard System analyzes data entered on the Master Data Entry Worksheet and broadcasts these numbers over the analysis system and funnels one rating number back to this worksheet.

2. The What-if System:
The What-if System is directly linked to the Master Data Worksheet. It also broadcasts the what-if numbers across its own separate system and funnels one rating number back to this worksheet.

3. Trend Prediction:
Using regression analysis we predicted the trend based on the two scores. Since only two entries are used the predicted 3rd regression will appear exaggerated, however, it immediately indicates how proposed positive operating controls can improve the overall performance.

4. Business Audit Analysis System:
This tool will provide the small business entrepreneur with the essentials for conducting a comprehensive search for existing or potential problems. The audit was designed with small businesses in mind and addresses their unique problems and opportunities. This business audit is weighted heavily when integrated into the Summary Analysis. You may choose to integrate this score into the Summary Analysis or not.

Business Audit integration is OFF
This is a prosperous organization showing internal problems.

Business Audit integration is ON
This is a troubled organization showing good potential after professional help.


Master Data Entry Worksheet


Instructions Example


Pro Forma Income Statement - 12 Months


Click a button and the 12 month Pro Forma sheet
transforms into showing 4 Quarters.


Master Data Entry - Automated Side Bar Selections

















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