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Apple Macintosh Excel 2004
Now compatible with Office 365 and iPad.

24 Month Sales Forecast Headcount Analysis
36 Month Sales Forecast Income Statement
40 column Industry Analysis 
401K Planner Inspection Report
48 Month Sales Forecast Insurance Coverage Report
52 Week Sales Record Job Estimate
7 Year  Balloon Loan Amortization Liquidity Analysis & Ratios
Accounts Payable Aging Loan Tree Toy
Accounts Receivable Aging Manufacturing Overhead Budget
Activity Ratios Marketing Analysis
Annual Direct Labor Analysis Marketing Calculators
Approval To Hire Request Marketing Personnel Expenses
Auto Expense Report Media Budget by Quarter
Average Selling Price Analysis Media Forecast
Advertising Expenditures-Media Merchandise Plan
Backorder Control Merchandise Return
Balance Sheet Monthly Sales Projections
Balanced Scorecard Moving Average Sales Forecast
Basic Invoice NeoPrice® Pricing Analysis
Bill of Lading New Employee Record Chart
Break-Even Analysis (2) New Product Sales Forecast
Break-Even Analysis (3) One Year Project Process Report
Break-Even Analysis Overdue Account File
Break-Even Chart Parts Inventory
Break-Even CIA Payback Analysis
Break-Even Simple Perpetual Inventory Control
Budget Plan Personal Wealth Analysis
Budget-5 Profit Centers Personnel Activity Report
Business Acquisition Worksheet Present Value Mixed Stream
Business Indebtedness Price Estimate For Services
Business Loan Proceeds Price Line Sales Projections
Business Plan Sample Product Sales Goals
Business Valuation Production Reject Report
Cash Budget Profitability Ratios
Cash Flow 4 Yrs Quarterly Pro-Forma Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Forecast 12 Months Pro-Forma Income Statement
Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Project Cost Summary
Commercial Loan Checklist Purchases Log
Commission Report Punch List (Contractor)
Company Property Receipt Purchase Order
Comparative Business Income Quarterly Budget Analysis
Comparative Contribution Income Quarterly Cash Flow Projection
Comparative Earnings Analysis Quarterly Marketing Budget
Comparative Taxable Income Quarterly Sales Record
Concrete Log (Contractor) Quotation Evaluation
Corporate Analysis Quotation Record
Corporate Earnings Analysis Ratio Analysis
Credit Application Ratio Analysis-Detailed
Credit Control List Receipt For Goods
Credit History Receiving Report
Customer Ledger Request For Quotation
Daily Production Report Sales Activity Report
Daily Report (Contractor) Sales Budget
Daily Time Sheet Sales Channel Analysis
Daily Time Sheet-Services Rendered Sales Promotion Expenses
Dashboard Sales Quotation
Debt Ratios Sales Revenue Report
Direct Advertising Response Sales Seasonality by Month
Direct Marketing Analysis Sales Trend Analysis
Employee Change Record Shipping Order
Employee Orientation Small Business Valuation
Employee Performance Review Smoothing Forecast Analysis
Employee Self Evaluation Startup Budget
Employee Termination Startup Capitalization
Employee Time Sheet Statement of Account
Estimating Start-Up Capital Statement of Cash Flows
Expense Budget Stock Balance Record
Expense Report Stock Valuator
Field Logs (Contractor) Store-To-Store Sales
Financial Calculator Summary of Key Accounts
Financial Comparison Analysis Time-progress Report (Contractor)
Financial Forecast Analysis 8 yrs Vendor Cost Analysis
Financial Statement Ratios Vendor Evaluation Analysis
Financial Toys Vendor Master File
Five Year Projections Wealth Accumulation Analysis
Fixed Asset Record Weekly Cash Flow Projection
Flexible Budget Weekly Work Schedule
G&A Expense Budget Yearly Planner


Pivot Tables
Microsoft Excel 2007

One of the most under-utilized tools in Excel is Pivot Tables. This section is intended to help you better understand their use.

Imagine an Excel worksheet of sales figures with hundreds or thousands of rows of data. The worksheet lays out all the data about salespeople in two countries and how much they sold on individual days. But it's a lot of data to deal with — listed in row after row and divided into multiple columns. How can you get information out of the worksheet? How can you make sense out of all of this data?

Who sold the most overall? Who sold the most per quarter or per year? Which country has the most sales? You can get answers to all these questions with PivotTable reports — it's like turning a mob into a marching band. A PivotTable report turns all that data into small, concise reports that tell you exactly what you need to know.

Save and unzip the files below to a folder of your choice. Then, open the Word document for reference as you perform tasks in each workbook.


Office 2007 Files

Office 97-2003 Files

Instructions Word 2007

Instructions Word 97-2003

Salespeople PivotTable 2007.zip Salespeople PivotTable 97-2003.zip
Products PivotTable 2007.zip Products PivotTable 97-2003.zip
Human resources PivotTable 2007.zip Human resources PivotTable 97-2003.zip
Sales PivotTable 2007.zip Sales PivotTable 97-2003.zip
Invoices 2007.zip Invoices 97-2003.zip
Customers PivotTable 2007.zip Customers PivotTable 97-2003.zip

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