Development History

JOBARS™ is an acronym for "JaxWorks Online Business Analysis Report System™". This two part system has been used by our consultants for 20+ years. 

Created in 1990, our consultants needed the added value of group input and consensus outside of their own subjective assessments concerning a client's business.

The answer was electronic input onsite and transmittal to JaxWorks for assessment by a board of experts in business finance and management. The transmitted data was automatically entered into the JOBARS Business Analysis System™ which produced a 136 page analysis report. The report, with assessments, is transmitted back to the onsite consultant for presentation to the client.

The Form Our Consultant's Used at the Client's Business.

The alternative to this method is very expensive.
Obtaining an outside and objective opinion concerning the financial health of your business is important. The most accepted method is hiring a business consultant. Unfortunately, retaining business consultants can be an expensive proposition and financially out of reach for many small business owners. 

One of the key functions of a consultant is to perform a financial and management analysis of the business and produce a report depicting strengths, weaknesses, and suggesting corrective actions. This can cost thousands of dollars (USD).

The JaxWorks Online Business Analysis Report System™ satisfies the need for getting professional help to the small business owner at a reasonable cost and is still in use today.

Today, our consultants can use either system, i.e., online or laptop software based, to prepare an analysis. The software system is the JOBARS Business Analysis System™. This is the same system being offered for purchase on this site.

We have tried to offer as many analysis tools as possible to all skill levels. Most of the tools are free, however, when costs become prohibitive, we offer them for sale at very affordable prices. This product, when compared to expensive alternatives, continues this philosophy.


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