We have created a business analysis system for the Apple iPad. It is easily operated using spreadsheet applications such as Apple Numbers or Documents To Go.

The JaxWorks Business Analysis Systemô uses familiar financial tools to analyze, plan, and grow a firm's future.

The system broadcasts thousands of data analysis information from single data entry sheets. For example, the primary module produces a 76 page analysis report from data entered on Master Data Entry worksheet.

Compatible with Apple Numbers Spreadsheet Application, the system is totally open architecture, has no macros, and contains 88 worksheets which print 118 pages.


Bonus Tools

 143 Templates especially designed for the iPad.


 1. Apple iPad Tablet
 2. IOS 4.2.8 or Later
 3. Apple Numbers spreadsheet application for the iPad ($9.99 at App Store).
 4. Internet storage location (Apple iCloud, etc.)


 1. You will need an internet storage location in the "Cloud" such as Apple iCloud.
 2. After purchase, the product file is a zip file.
 3. After expanding the product's files, you will move them to your "iCloud" location. We
     suggest creating a folder and naming it "JBAS".
 4. From your iPad and using Numbers, you can then open jbas.xls or any of the bonus
     files from the cloud folder.
 5. Numbers automatically converts jbas.xls or any of the bonus files to Numbers format.
 6. You can now input your data and edit your sheets.




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