This product is designed exclusively for Excel 2010 and Excel: Mac 2011.
This Product is NOT compatible with Excel 97/2000/2003/2007 Versions.
This Product is NOT compatible with any previous Excel: Mac Versions. 

NOTE: This Product is Designed for Professionals with Advanced Skills in all Versions of Excel 

The Grand Master™ System Overview:
For 15 years customer clients have been asking for a system based on completing one single spreadsheet that "link populates" thousands of cells in several separate analysis systems. With the release of Excel 2010 and Excel: Mac 2011 and much better hardware, this has become reality.

Here are the steps: Open and complete the Master Data Entry Worksheet and the Cash Flow Data Entry Worksheet in the Grand Master workbook. Open the included systems and instantly see the hundreds of analysis sheets produced from automatic linkage with the Grand Master

Here is the Flow of Events

Here Are The Steps
First Step: Open the Master Control Panel

Second Step: Open and Complete the Two Grand Master Data Entry Worksheets

Third Step: Open one or all 6 linked products
They are all automatically linked to the Grand Master


Fourth Step: Open PowerPoint Presentations
They are all automatically linked through each product above




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