This product is designed exclusively for Excel 2010.
This Product is NOT compatible with Excel 97/2000/2003/2007 Versions.

Built on the backbone of our flagship analysis systems, Financial Fusion™ brings together all of the strengths and features of our other systems into one solid product.

This version has been designed to change financial formats to any denomination or currencies from around the word. 

Financial Fusion™ was created by the customers of JaxWorks products. In the spring of 2008 a survey asked customers what features from our other products would they like included in a single, all encompassing product.

The features Most Requested were:

  1) Full Page Micro Charts as in Microview™ and DashBlaster™.

  2) Detail Expense Analysis, Detail Sales Analysis, Advanced Financial Analysis, and Advanced Planning Analysis, 
       as in The Centurion™.

  3) What-if Analysis sheets running in parallel with current analysis sheets as in The Consultant™ and
      Mega Mother Business Analysis Systems™.

  4) Linked to Chart Magic Chart Analysis System™.

  5) Ability to set up as much as 12 financial periods at the click of a single button as in The Medical Director™,
       MicroView Dashboard Analysis System
™, and VitalSigns Business Analysis System™ .

  6) All data linked to a single worksheet, Master Data Entry, where that data instantly populates all analysis
       worksheets in the workbook, and yields analysis results that point to problems areas for improving a business.

  7) Expanded Break-even and Snap Shot analyses as in VitalSigns Business Analysis System™.

  8) Linked to PowerPoint presentation plus additional standalone templates as in The Consultant™.

  9) Selected Visio templates to visually supplement presentations as in The Consultant™.

10) Lastly, all of the key financial sheets needed for creating a Business Plan.

Financial Fusion™ satisfies all of the customer requests and, due to its size and complexity, can only be offered in Excel 2010.

Financial Fusion™ is "Printer Ready". All sheets pre-formatted.
270 Worksheets + 146 Standalone Worksheets.
Prints over 450 pages.
Full open architecture allows you to customize to suit your needs.
This product is designed exclusively for Excel 2010.
    This Product is NOT compatible with Previous Excel Versions.

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        Business Plan Creator
        Business Tools Library Volume I
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        Dynamic Strategic Planner
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        Master Control 2010
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Free Bonus Analysis System:

With Financial Fusion™ International Version are $190.00 in FREE bonus products:

1) MicroShots Pro:
MicroShots Pro™ Business Analysis System is designed to quickly analyze the overall health of any business. Its main feature is the "MicroShots Control Panel". MicroShots are condensed chart snapshots of key financial analysis data. The MicroShots worksheets are fully automated and yield instant results.
$65.00 USD value if sold separately

2) Cash Flow Analyzer: The JaxWorks Cash Flow Analyzer™ is two systems in one. It 1) analyzes your cash flow and 2) creates a comprehensive financial analysis of your business.
$50.00 USD value if sold separately

The Consultant Lite Version™
which is a streamlined version of The Consultant™ a $75.00 USD value.


Microsoft's Minimum Requirements For Office Excel 2010
500-megahertz (MHz) processor or higher; 1 gigahertz (GHz) required for Outlook with Business Contact Manager
256 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher; 512 MB recommended for graphics features, Outlook Instant Search, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, Communicator, and certain advanced functionality
Hard disk
3.5 gigabyte (GB) available disk space
1024 Χ 768 or higher-resolution monitor
Operating system
Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 3 (32-bit), Windows Vista with SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-bit or 64-bit) with MSXML 6.0 installed, Windows Server 2008 or later (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Terminal Server and Windows on Windows (WOW) (which allows installing 32-bit versions of Office 2010 on 64-bit operating systems) are supported
Requirements and product functionality can vary based on the system configuration and operating system.
1) Certain Linking Features require running Windows XP Table PC edition or later. Speech recognition functionality requires a close-talk microphone and audio output device. Information Rights Management features require access to a Windows Server 2003 with SP1 or later running Windows Rights Management Services.
2) Connectivity to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or later is required for certain advanced functionality in Office Outlook 2007. Instant Search requires Windows Desktop Search 3.0. Dynamic Calendars require server connectivity.
3) Connectivity to Windows Server 2003 with SP1 or later running Windows SharePoint Services is required for certain advanced collaboration functionality. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is required for certain advanced functionality. PowerPoint Slide Library requires Office SharePoint Server 2007. To share data among multiple computers, the host computer must be running Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows XP Professional with SP2 or later.
4) Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 9.0c graphics card with 64-MB or higher video memory.
5) Internet Explorer 6 or later, 32-bit browser only. Internet functionality requires Internet access (fees might apply)
6) 512 MB of RAM or higher recommended for Outlook Instant Search. Grammar and contextual spelling in Word 2010 is not turned on unless the computer has 1 GB memory.
7) Silverlight plug-in. See Get started with Microsoft Silverlight (


Sparkline Charts Now Available with Excel 2010


Financial Fusion™ Index

This index is in alphabetical order.

• Accounts Receivable Aging
• Acid Ratio Chart
• Actual Expenses Input
• Analysis Process
• APA Balance Sheet
• APA Instructions
• APA Vital Information
• Asset Turnover Chart
• Audit Assessment Key
• Automatic Audit
• Average Collection Period
• Balance - Yr 1
• Balance - Yrs 1-5
• Balance - Yrs 2-3
• Balance Sheet
• BE Adjusted
• Benchmark Analysis
• Breakdown of Costs
• Break-Even
• Breakeven Analysis (1)
• Breakeven Analysis (10)
• Breakeven Analysis (11)
• Breakeven Analysis (12)
• Breakeven Analysis (2)
• Breakeven Analysis (3)
• Breakeven Analysis (4)
• Breakeven Analysis (5)
• Breakeven Analysis (6)
• Breakeven Analysis (7)
• Breakeven Analysis (8)
• Breakeven Analysis (9)
• Break-Even Applied
• Breakeven Summary
• Budget - Yr 1
• Budget - Yrs 1-5
• Budget - Yrs 2-3
• Budget Analysis
• Business Audit Introduction
• Capital Requirements
• Cash Flow
• Cash Flow - Yr 1
• Cash Flow - Yrs 1-5
• Cash Flow - Yrs 2-3
• Cash Flow (2)
• Cash Flow 4 Periods
• Cash Flow 8 Periods
• Cash Flow Cycle
• Cash Flow Data Entry
• Cash Flow Process
• Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis
• Cash Flow Sensitivity AR
• CashFlow
• Check List
• Comp. Balance Sheet
• Comp. Income Statement
• Company 1
• Company 2
• Company 3
• Confidentiality Agreement
• Consolidation-Manufacturer
• Consolidation-Service
• Consultant Cover Sheet
• Consultant Rating Cover Sheet
• Consultants
• Corporate Headcount Analysis
• Cost of Goods Sold Chart
• Cover Page
• Cover Sheet
• Current Assets Chart
• Current Financial Position
• Current Liabilities Chart
• Current Organization Chart
• Current Ratio
• Current Ratio Chart
• Current Summary Chart
• Current-Noncurrent Assets Chart
• Dashboard
• Debt Ratio
• Debt to Equity Chart
• Detailed Expense Estimates
• Detailed Sales Estimates
• Earnings Per Share
• Equity Ratio
• Executive Summary
• Expanded Ratios
• Expense Analysis
• Expense Analysis (2)
• Expense Budget
• Expense Variances
• Expenses vs. Sales Summary
• Exponential Trendline Chart
• Final Budgets
• Financial Analysis Dash (1)
• Financial Analysis Dash (2)
• Financial Analysis Dash (3)
• Financial Analysis Dash (4)
• Financial Performance Chart
• Financial Ratios Dashboard
• Financial Summary
• Financials
• Forecast Analysis
• Forecast Analysis Dashboard (1)
• Forecast Analysis Dashboard (2)
• Forecast Analysis Dashboard (3)
• Forecast Analysis Dashboard (4)
• G&A
• G&A Expenses Chart
• Gross Margin Chart
• Gross Profit - Yr 1
• Gross Profit - Yrs 1-5
• Gross Profit - Yrs 2-3
• Gross Profit Margin
• Growth in Earnings -Share Chart
• Growth in Gross Profits Chart
• Growth in Market Cap Chart
• Growth in Net Income Chart
• Growth in Net Sales Chart
• Growth in Total Assets Chart
• Growth in Total Equity Chart
• Harvard Model
• H-Factor
• Horizontal Analysis
• Income - Yr 1
• Income - Yrs 1-5
• Income - Yrs 2-3
• Income Statement
• Index
• Industry Analysis
• Instructions
• Intro2
• Intro3
• Introduction
• Inventory Days Chart
• Inventory Turnover Chart
• Inventory Turnover Ratio
• Key Financials
• Labor Expenses Chart
• Liab & Equity to Tot Assets
• Linear Regression Analysis
• Linear Trendline Chart
• Logarithmic Trendline Chart
• Logit Analysis
• Logit Analysis (2)
• Major Cost Breakdown Chart
• Manual Audit
• Market Value Analysis
• Market Value Explained
• Marketing
• Master Data Entry
• Master Index
• Materials Cost Chart
• Moving Average Trendline Chart
• Net Profit Margin
• Net Profit Margin Chart
• Operating Cash Flow Trend
• Optimal Performance
• Other
• Owner Rating Cover Sheet
• Ownership Chart
• Payroll Analysis
• Plan Sheet
• Plan-HR
• Planned Expenses Input
• Polynomial Trendline Chart
• Power Trendline Chart
• Pro Forma (Exp)
• Pro Forma (Linear)
• Pro Forma (Simple)
• Productivity I
• Productivity II
• Productivity III
• Productivity I-Survey
• Productivity IV
• Profit Chart
• Proforma Balance
• Proforma Income
• Progress Report
• Proposed Organization Chart
• Quarterly Report
• Quick 1 Period
• Quick 4 Periods
• Quick Ratio
• R&D
• Rating by Consultant
• Rating By Consultant Summary
• Rating By Owner
• Rating By Owner Summary
• Ratio Analysis
• Ratios
• Ratios Introduction
• Receivable Collection Chart
• Receivable Turnover Chart
• Return on Assets
• Return on Equity
• Return on Equity Chart
• Return on Total Assets Chart
• Return-on-investment analysis
• Revenue Model
• Sales
• Sales Forecast Chart
• Sales Forecast Input
• Sales Forecast Totals
• Sales Performance Chart
• Sales Projection Chart
• Sales Projection Charts
• Sales To Worth Chart
• Sales vs. Expense
• SB Headcount Analysis
• Service 1
• Service 2
• Service 3
• SIC Comparative RMA Analysis
• Snapshot
• Snapshot (10)
• Snapshot (11)
• Snapshot (12)
• Snapshot (2)
• Snapshot (3)
• Snapshot (4)
• Snapshot (5)
• Snapshot (6)
• Snapshot (7)
• Snapshot (8)
• Snapshot (9)
• Snapshot Summary Chart
• Space-HR
• Springate
• Standard Industrial Codes
• Stock Valuation
• Summary
• Summary Analysis
• Summary Analysis Dashboard (1)
• Summary Analysis Dashboard (2)
• Summary Analysis Dashboard (3)
• Summary Analysis Dashboard (4)
• Summary Details
• Sustainable Growth Rate Chart
• The Business Audit Background
• Times Interest Earned Chart
• Times Interest Earned Ratio
• Total Expenses Chart
• Total Expenses Chart (2)
• Trading Ratio Chart
• Venture Forecaster
• Venture Planner
• Venture Planner Index
• Vertical Analysis
• Vital Information
• What If
• What-if BE Adjusted
• What-if Breakdown of Costs
• What-if Breakeven 4 Periods
• What-if Breakeven Analysis
• What-if Breakeven Analysis (2)
• What-if Breakeven Analysis (3)
• What-if Breakeven Analysis (4)
• What-if Comp. Balance Sheet
• What-if Comp. Income Statement
• What-if Cover Sheet
• What-if Executive Summary
• What-if Expanded Ratios
• What-if Financial Summary
• What-if Forecast Analysis
• What-if H-Factor
• What-if Logit Analysis
• What-if Master Data Entry
• What-if Proforma Balance
• What-if Proforma Income
• What-if Rating Details
• What-if Sales vs. Expense
• What-if Snapshot
• What-if Springate
• What-if Stock Valuation
• What-if Z-Score (1) Chart
• What-if Z-Score (2) Chart
• What-if Z-Score (3) Chart
• What-if Z-Score Analysis (1)
• What-if Z-Score Analysis (2)
• What-if Z-Score Analysis (3)
• What-if Z-Score Explained
• Working Agreement
• Z-Score Analysis (1)
• Z-Score Analysis (2)
• Z-Score Analysis (3)
• Z-Score Explained
• Copyright
• License Agreement

Business Tools Library Index

This index is in alphabetical order.

Accounts Payable Aging
Accounts Receivable Aging
Annual Direct Labor Analysis
Approval To Hire Request
Auto Expense Report
Average Selling Price Analysis
Advertising Expenditures-Media
Backorder Control
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet (2)
Balance Sheet (3)
Basic Invoice
Bill of Ladding
Break-Even Analysis
Break-Even (2)
Break-Even Chart
Break_Even CIA
Break_Even Units
Budget-5 Profit Centers
Buried Costs
Business Acquisition Worksheet
Business Indebtedness
Business Loan Proceeds
Business Plan Sample
Business Valuation
Cash Budget
Cash Flow 4 Yrs Quarterly
Cash Flow Forecast
Cash Flow Forecast (2)
Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis
Commercial Loan Checklist
Commission Report
Company Property Receipt
Comparative Business Income
Comparative Contribution Income
Comparative Earnings Analysis
Comparative Taxable Income
Corporate Earnings Analysis
Credit Application
Credit Control List
Credit History
Customer Ledger
Daily Profit Tracking
Weekly Profit Tracking
Daily Production Report
Daily Services Rendered
Debt Ratios
Direct Advertising Response
Direct Marketing Analysis
Employee Change Record
Employee Orientation
Employee Performance Review
Employee Self Evaluation
Employee Termination
Employee Time Sheet
Employee Turnover Analysis
Estimating Start-Up Capital
Expense Budget
Expense Report
Financial Calculator
Financial Comparison Analysis
Financial Analysis Data Entry
Financial Analysis
Financial Statement Ratios
Five Year Projections
Fixed Asset Record
Flexible Budget
G&A Expense Budget
Income Statement
Income Statement 2 Years
Income Statement 12 Months
Income Statement 5 Years
Inspection Report
Insurance Coverage Report
Job Estimate
Liquidity Analysis & Ratios
Manufacturing Overhead Budget
Marketing Calculators
Marketing Personnel Expenses
Media Budget by Quarter
Media Forecast
Merchandise Plan
Merchandise Return
Monthly Sales Projections
Moving Average Sales Forecast
New Employee Record Chart
New Product Sales Forecast
One Year Project Process Report
Overdue Account File
Parts Inventory
Payroll Analysis
Perpetual Inventory Control
Personal Wealth Analysis
Personnel Activity Report
Present Value Mixed Stream
Price Estimate For Services
Price Line Sales Projections
Product Sales Goals
Production Reject Report
Profitability Ratios
Proforma Balance Sheet
Pro-Forma Balance Sheet
Proforma Income Statement
Pro-Forma Income Statement
Project Cost Summary
Projected Cash Flow
Puchases Log
Purchase Order
Quarterly Budget Analysis
Quarterly Cash Flow Projection
Quarterly Marketing Budget
Quarterly Sales Record
Quotation Evaluation
Quotation Record
Ratio Analysis
Receipt For Goods
Receiving Report
Request For Quotation
Sales Activity Report
Sales Budget
Sales Channel Analysis
Sales Promotion Expenses
Sales Quotation
Sales Revenue Report
Sales Seasonality by Month
Sales Trend Analysis
Service Invoice
Shipping Order
Small Business Valuation
Smoothing Forecast
Startup Budget
Startup Capitalization
Statement of Account
Statement of Cash Flows
Stock Balance Record
Stock Valuator
Store-To-Store Sales
Summary of Key Accounts
Vendor Cost Analysis
Vendor Evaluation Analysis
Vendor Master File
Wealth Accumulation Analysis
Weekly Cash Flow Projection
Weekly Work Schedule
Yearly Planner

Financial Fusion™ Folder Contents





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