With The New MicroShots™ Technology 

This product is designed for Excel 2003/2007/2010.

Fast Trak™ is designed for the business owner or professional needing to quickly analyze the overall health of any business.

Some clients want fast answers and Fast Trak™ does just that!

Here's How It works:
1) Enter data in cells with Blue figures in the "Master Data Entry" worksheet.

2) Enter data in cells with Blue figures in the "Cash Flow Data Entry" worksheet.

3) Go to the "Quick Analysis 4 Periods" worksheet. Here you will find the Primary Financial Predictors that determine the overall health of the business.

4) Next, go to the "Summary Analysis" worksheet. All of the key analysis worksheets feed information back to this summary sheet for additional fast assessment.

5) Then, go to the "Financial Health Analysis" worksheet. This worksheet condenses everything into one printed page.

6) Lastly, go to the automated "MicroShots" worksheet for some amazing fast analysis results.

This product is open architecture which allows you to sculpture it to suit any business analysis situation. Typically, our professional users smorgasbord worksheets according to their client's business profile.

This is a "Must Have Product" when creating a business plan. Fast Trak™ places special emphasis on Ratio Analysis. You will find almost every ratio that banks and venture capitalists use in evaluating a business.

Fast Trak™ is "Printer Ready". All sheets pre-formatted.
113 worksheets
Prints 151 pages
Full open architecture allows you to customize to suit your needs.
For Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007.


Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you will need:
     1) Computer and processor 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
     2) Memory 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher (1 Gig is recommended)
     3) Hard disk 1.5 gigabyte (GB)
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
     6) Operating system Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2,
         Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system

Apple Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft  (Apple) Office Excel 2008, Word 2008, and PowerPoint 2008 system requirements
To use Apple Microsoft Office 2008, you will need:
     1) A Mac computer with an Intel 500 MHz or faster processor
     2) Operating system Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later
     3) 512 MB of RAM or more
     4) 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
     5) DVD drive
     6) 1024 x 768 or higher resolution-monitor
NOTE: Since Microsoft chose to drop VBA (Macros) in Apple Excel 2008, a good alternative is to use Boot Camp found in Mac OS X or a 3rd party virtual desktop program. This allows you to have Windows XP or Vista on your Mac desk top.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office Excel 2003, you need:
     1) Computer and processor Personal computer with an Intel
         Pentium 233-MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)
     2) Memory 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or greater
     3) Hard disk 150 MB of available hard-disk space; optional installation files
         cache (recommended) requires an additional 200 MB of available
         hard-disk space
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution monitor
     6) Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3),
         Windows XP, or later

Fast Trak™ Index

This index is in workbook order.

Master Index
Master Data Entry
Quick Analysis 4 Periods
Summary Analysis
Forecast Analysis
Financial Summary
Comp. Income Statement
Comp. Balance Sheet
Logit Analysis
Market Value Explained
Market Value Analysis
Optimal Performance
Payroll Analysis
Proforma Balance
Proforma Income
Sales vs. Expense
Stock Valuation
Breakdown of Costs
BE Adjusted
Z-Score Explained
Z-Score Analysis (1)
Z-Score (1) Chart
Z-Score Analysis (2)
Z-Score (2) Chart
Z-Score Analysis (3)
Z-Score (3) Chart
Current Summary Chart
Sales Performance Chart
Total Expenses Chart
Materials Cost Chart
G&A Expenses Chart
Sales Projection Chart
Profit Chart
Ownership Chart
Labor Expenses Chart
Industry Analysis
Cash Flow 4 Periods
Cash Flow 8 Periods
Data Chart
Asset Chart
Income Chart
Fast Trak Ratio Score
General Summary Analysis
Liquidity Summary
Current Ratio 1 Period
Current Ratio 4 Periods
Quick Ratio 1 Period
Quick Ratio 4 Periods
Net WC Ratio 1 Period
Net WC Ratio 4 Periods
CL to Inventory Ratio 1 Period
CL to Inventory Ratio 4 Periods
Cash Ratio 1 Period
Cash Ratio 4 Periods
Operating Ratio 1 Period
Operating Ratio 4 Periods
Advertising Ratio 1 Period
Advertising Ratio 4 Periods
Marketing Ratio 1 Period
Marketing Ratio 4 Periods
Assets Summary
Inventory T-O Ratio 1 Period
Inventory T-O Ratio 4 Periods
Fixed Assets T-O Ratio 1 Period
Fixed Assets T-O Ratio 4 Period
Total Assets Ratio 1 Period
Total Assets Ratio 4 Periods
Asset to Equity Ratio 1 Period
Asset to Equity Ratio 4 Periods
Profitability Summary
R0A Ratio 1 Period
ROA Ratio 4 Periods
ROE Ratio 1 Period
ROE Ratio 4 Periods
Profit Margin Ratio 1 Period
Profit Margin Ratio 4 Periods
Basic Earnings Power 1 Period
Basic Earnings Power 4 Periods
Earnings-Share Ratio 1 Period
Earnings-Share Ratio 4 Periods
Debt Summary
Total Debt Ratio 1 Period
Total Debt Ratio 4 Periods
Int. Coverage Ratio 1 Period
Int. Coverage Ratio 4 Periods
Debt Equity Ratio 1 Period
Debt Equity Ratio 4 Periods
Loan to Value Ratio 1 Period
Loan to Value Ratio 4 Periods
Market Summary
EPS Ratio 1 Period
EPS Ratio 4 Periods
PE Ratio 1 Period
PE Ratio 4 Periods
PCF Ratio 1 Period
PCF Ratio 4 Periods
Payout Ratio 1 Period
Payout Ratio 4 Periods
Breakeven Analysis Data
Breakeven Analysis Charts
Z-Score Analysis
Return-on-investment analysis
SB Headcount Analysis
Corporate Headcount Analysis

First Example
MicroShot™ Control Panel - Z-Score Button Was Clicked

MicroShot Print Preview of Above Z-Score Selection
The Click of Each Button Presents A New MicroShot


Second Example
MicroShot Control Panel - Cash Flow Button Clicked


MicroShot Print Preview of Above Cash Flow Selection
The Click of Each Button Presents A New MicroShot

Fast Trak™ One Printed Page Summary Analysis
This is How it Appears on the Printed Page


Click a Button to Print Blowups of Any Section

How a Blowup Appears on the Printed Page 


Comprehensive Business Analysis System

Master Data Entry

Fast Trak™ Ratio Score Analysis

Fast Trak™ Quick Analysis

Fast Trak™ Summary Analysis

Fast Trak™ Financial Summary

Fast Trak™ Dashboard

Market Value Analysis


Forecast Analysis

Optimal Operating Analysis

Comparative Payroll Analysis

Pro Forma Income Statement

Pro Forma Balance Sheet

Company Stock Valuation

Breakdown of Operating Costs

Breakeven Chart

Return-on-Investment (ROI) Analysis

Small Business Headcount and Payroll Analysis

Ratio Score Summary Analysis

Current Ratio Analysis





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