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Executive Summary

The analysis of your business is contained in the pages that immediately follow this Executive Summary. We have extracted, compiled, and entered into our analysis system all of the vital information that pertains to your specific business. The primary objective is to zero in on all of the areas that might be detracting from your bottom line.

This summary is broken down into 7 key categories, and each is rated against your competitors, and is the result of thousands of calculations. A model company was created from hundreds of companies listed in your industry and your firm was compared against them.

Finally, with the help of statistical mathematics, a rating for each of the 7 key categories has been applied and compared to the model company. Any number that falls below that rating indicates an area that can be improved, thus improving profits and your "Return on Ownership".

"Return on Ownership" is the true income an owner receives out of their business. It is Net Profit After Taxes + Depreciation Expense + Executive Salary.


Your Results

  Client's Client's  
  Business Forecast  
Category 1997 1998 Comment
1. Sales $2,203,471 $2,449,931 OK
2. Costs $1,699,002 $1,899,606 OK
3. Gross Profit $481,969 $550,325 OK
4. Expenses $2,123,571 $2,369,386 OK
5. Profit $57,400 $60,583 OK
6. Ownership $286,028 $364,854 OK
7. Current Ratio 1.75 2.00

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