This product is designed for Excel 2010.

Ideal for the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8, The EnterVista™ Business Analysis System produces an extensive and analytical set of performance worksheets for checking the health and value of your business. Key analysis metrics are displayed in click or touch screen tiles like the one displayed below. 

The included bonus tools fills out a complete set of analysis instruments for completing your task.

EnterVista is "Printer Ready". All sheets pre-formatted.
184 worksheets
Prints 231 total pages

Full open architecture allows you to customize to suit your needs.
Includes these bonus tools:
        Budgeting Analysis System
        Budget System
        Business Audit System
        Business Tools Library Volume I
        Business Tools Library Volume II
Click Magic™ Linked Analysis System ($150.00 USD Value)
        Detailed Expense Estimates System
        Detailed Sales Analysis System
        EnterVista Linked PowerPoint Presentation
        Master Control Panel
This product is designed for Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office Excel 2010, you will need:
     1) Computer and processor 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
     2) Memory 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher (1 Gig is recommended)
     3) Hard disk 1.5 gigabyte (GB)
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
     6) Operating system Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2,
         Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system

JaxWorks EnterVista Folder Contents
Screen Shots
There is a Master Control Central worksheet.

These sheets has been set up to make starting and reaping the benefits of your analysis product as simple as possible.

Just click on the system that you need and it will start automatically.

Master Data Entry Worksheet


Instructions Example


Pro Forma Income Statement - 12 Months


Click a button and the 12 month Pro Forma sheet
transforms into showing 4 Quarters.


Master Data Entry - Automated Side Bar Selections




















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