Product Demos

There are hundreds of free files in this site that demonstrate our highest standards of accuracy and professional appearance. However, many new visitors have requested representative demos of our products and how they appear on their computers. Here are some FREE analysis systems for you to download and review.
1) Excel Chart Factory
2) Quick Analysis™ Key Financial Predictors
3) MicroShots™ Business Analysis System
4) The CEO Financial Assistant™ Analysis System
5) NeoCalc™ Comprehensive Break-Even Analysis System
6) Excel Dashboard Workbook
7) Excel Budget Analysis

These are basic analysis systems. They should not be confused with our products which are much more comprehensive.

We do not recommend the use of these systems if you are an accountant, CFO,  business owner, startup entrepreneur, consultant, or any financial professional.

Think of these systems as learning exercises in business analysis concepts and using Excel to do it. You might want to visit our Excel Toys Page for additional learning exercises.

We suggest Saving rather than Opening.

(Sorry, There is No Support For Free Downloads)


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