Cruncher was created exclusively for The Grand Master System
Not For Sale Separately
(A 50.00 USD Value)

This product is designed exclusively for Excel 2010 and Excel: Mac 2011.
This Product is NOT compatible with Excel 97/2000/2003/2007 Versions.
This Product is NOT compatible with any previous Excel: Mac Versions.

Cruncher™ will quickly number crunch any business.

Cruncher™ can be customized with the click of a few buttons:
     1) Click the number of financial periods that you desire for posting: 4 through 12 periods.
     2) Click a Z-Score class: Public, Private, Non-manufacturing.
     3) Click a business category: Manufacturing, Service, Retail, Wholesale, or Job Shop.
     4) Set up as "C" corp. or "S" corp.
     5) Instantly choose Year, Month, or Quarter configurations.

In seconds you are setup to analyze almost any business the way you want it and print an over 80 page report.

A Few Screenshots


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