This product is designed for Excel 2003. 
This product is compatible with Excel 2010. 

Screen Shots

Master Control Panel

The Consultant's Folder Contents


Introduction & Initial Instructions

Master Index

The Consultants Index to Professional Analysis Tools

Summary Analysis Graphs for a New Startup Business

Master Data Entry
Master Data Entry Instructions Sheet

Master Data Entry Enhanced - Left

Master Data Entry Enhanced - Right

Freeze Pane View of Rating Details

Freeze Pane View of Forecast Analysis

Freeze Pane View of Financial Summary Analysis

Freeze Pane View of the Business Audit Entry Sheet

This is 1 of 6 Dashboards

This is an Example of an Analysis Summary Using Mini-charts

This is Projected Revenue vs. What-if Projections

Key Ratio Analysis Summary Using Mini-charts

Break Even Analysis 4 Periods

Expenses Actual and What-if Analysis

Small Business Headcount and Payroll Analysis

Return-on-Investment (ROI) Analysis

The Executive Summary
(Always Completed Last and Placed First in the Analysis Report)

Venture Planner & Venture Forecaster
Harvard Model Split Screenshot

Summary Analysis Split Screenshot

Horizontal Analysis Split Screenshot

Vertical Analysis Split Screenshot

Proforma Linear Trend Analysis

Proforma Smoothing Analysis

Final Budget Analysis

This product is designed for Excel 2003.
This product is compatible with Excel 2010.


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