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Consultant Supreme

The Culmination of the Consultant product series.

Consultant Supreme™ is designed for Excel 2013/2016/Excel: MAC 2011.
This product is NOT compatible with Excel 2003/2007/2010.

NOTE: If you own our Consultant III product, Consultant Supreme™
is virtually the same except no MS Access.

Suggested Software
MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher

 ▪ The JaxWorks Consultant Series began in 1996 when our consortium of consultants decided to release their best analysis tools to the U.S. small business community.

▪ Initially distributed to clients by our consultants, the invention of the Internet created a much better distribution channel.

▪ Today, the series is used throughout the world in businesses regardless of size and complexity.

▪ Consultant Supreme™ is the culmination of this popular consultant tool.


Consultant Supreme™ links one or all four key MS Office products into one comprehensive set of before-and-after total business analysis reports.

You can now utilize all of the features of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher as one integrated analysis system by completing only 2 Data Entry worksheets. Linked report templates are included.

After entering financial data in the Master Data Entry and Cash Flow Data Entry worksheets, you use spinners to perform several what-if analysis trials in the What-if Data Entry worksheet.

The What-if Data Entry worksheet is a mirror image of the Master Data Entry worksheet with spinners so that the figures can be easily manipulated. The spinners are set at 100% to equal the entries on the Master Data Entry worksheet . You increase and decrease the line items by increments of 1% and instantly see the changes to Profit and Break-even. The What-if system can be toggled on/off at the click of a button.

Product Mission: Consultant Supreme™ was developed to be the pinnacle Excel system for business consultancy.

Bottom line:
1) Enter your data;
     2) Using Launch Buttons, load all 4 Office products and their pre-linked
     3) Select and print from hundreds of pre-linked MS Office analysis

Consultant Supreme™ can produce a variety of analysis reports for client presentations. For example:
     1) A Standard, comprehensive, 158+ page analysis report from historical
         data over up to 12 financial periods.
     2) A What-if, comprehensive, 158+ page analysis report by altering the
         Standard data to project trends. This feature can be toggled on/off at
         the click of one button.

     3) A consolidated 316 page report with side-by-side comparative
         analyses of Standard vs. What-if reports.

Plus, with the following MS Office pre-formatted templates are:
     1) Linked MS Excel Presentations
     2) Linked MS Word Presentation.
     3) Linked MS PowerPoint Presentation
     4) Linked MS Publisher Presentation
     5) Most importantly, you can customize reports to suit the needs of any
         client with our open source policy.

Consulting Tools included within Consultant Supreme™:
     1) Sample Working Agreement
     2) Sample Analysis Process
     3) Plan Sheet
     4) Marketing Sheet
     5) Daily Progress Report
     6) Current Financial Position
     7) Confidentiality Agreement
     8) Startup Client Questionnaire
     9) Startup Business Audit Questionnaire

Included Supplemental Tools:
Click Magic™ XL - Two Versions
with each started in the Master Index Worksheet.
     1) Version I - Linked to Master Data Entry Worksheet
     2) Version II - Linked to What-if Data Entry Worksheet

The Consultant Supreme™ Linked Chart System
1) There are over 345 charts in The Consultant II Chart System™ all linked to the Master Data Entry worksheet.
2) There are 6 PowerPoint presentations with a total of 86 charts. All key financial charts are linked to the Chart System™ PowerPoint presentations. You can change the charts by entering new data in the Master Data Entry worksheet and editing the presentation slides to suit your needs.

The Business Audit System.
The Business Audit System is integrated into the Summary Analysis. The audit goes beyond financials and explores into the actual operation and management of the business. This feature allows, for the first time, an overall health index that is virtually inarguable when presented to a client. All analysis conclusions are substantiated in detail worksheets.

Advanced systems for merger and acquisition analysts:
     1) The Venture Planner™ - This is a tool to determine the financial feasibility and capital needs of a New Business Venture.

     2) The Venture Forecaster™ – This tool was created to produce advanced comprehensive financial analysis and forecasting. Using current and historical information, there are Horizontal, Vertical, Benchmark, and Pro Forma worksheets and charts produced for evaluating and projecting financial performance.

 Other Included systems:
        Budget Analysis System
        Budget System
        Business Tools Library Volume I
        Business Tools Library Volume II
        Budget Audit System
        Detailed Expense Estimates
        Detailed Sales Analysis
        Diagnostics System


Very Important Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Office Excel 2013/2016 system requirements
To use Microsoft Office Excel 2013/2016, you will need:
     1) Computer and processor 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
     2) Memory 256 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher (1 Gig is recommended)
     3) Hard disk 1.5 gigabyte (GB)
     4) Drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
     5) Display 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
     6) Operating systems Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

Consultant Supreme™ is designed for Excel 2013/2016/Excel: MAC 2011.
This product is NOT compatible with Excel 2003/2007/2010.

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