This product is designed for Excel 2003/2007/2010.

The JaxWorks Cash Flow Analyzerô is two systems in one.
 1) analyzes your cash flow and
 2) creates a comprehensive financial analysis of your business.
Cash flow is the amount of cash being received and paid by a business during a defined period of time.
In practical terms, the cash flow projections and the income statement projections are parallel tasks that are essentially prepared from the same data. They may be regarded almost as two sides of the same coin.
The income statement shows the owner/manager the income/loss based on the assumption that both sales income and the cost of making that sale are matched together in the same month. 
The cash flow statement looks at the same transactions from the viewpoint that in reality the cost of the sale is incurred first (and paid for) and the income is received last, anywhere from one week to three months later.
Cash flows can be classified into:
- Operational cash flows: Cash received or expended as a result of the company's
  core business activities.
- Investment cash flows: Cash received or expended through capital expenditure,
  investments or acquisitions.
- Financing cash flows: Cash received or expended as a result of financial activities,
  such as interests and dividends.
Benefits from using Cash flow
The cash flow statement is one of the four main financial statements of a company. The cash flow statement can be examined to determine the short-term sustainability of a company. If cash is increasing (and operational cash flow is positive), then a company will often be deemed to be healthy in the short-term. Increasing or stable cash balances suggest that a company is able to meet its cash needs, and remain solvent. This information cannot always be seen in the income statement or the balance sheet of a company. For instance, a company may be generating profit, but still have difficulty in remaining solvent.

The JaxWorks Cash Flow Analyzerô is "Printer Ready". All sheets pre-formatted.
84 worksheets
Prints over 140 pages
Full open architecture allows you to customize to suit your needs.
Includes both Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007 Versions





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