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Beneish M-Score Analysis (This is an Excel worksheet download)
   The M-Score is used to determine if a company has manipulated   
    earnings. Itís simply a mathematical formula which uses data from a
    companyís financial reports.

Breakeven Analysis
   (Determine at what level sales need to be to make a specific

Productivity Analysis
   (5 Stage + Total Multifactor Productivity)

Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Predictor
   (Predicts Bankruptcy Based On Your Current Figures)

Impact of Expense Reduction over Increased Sales Calculator
This calculator demonstrates the impact of reducing expenses over
     building sales volume.

Altman Z-Score Analysis.

      1) Publicly Held Firm

      2) Privately Held Firm

      3) Public OR Private Non-Manufacturing

Note: The z-score represents a point in time. As such, the z-scores should be examined over time. Consistently low scores each year are more of a concern than a one time low score.

Payroll Analysis
    (Are You Over or Under Staffed)