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Multifactor Productivity

Measure Your Annual Productivity

This is a tool that analyzes your firm's annual productivity across five measurements (Labor, Capital, Material, Equipment, and Energy) and yields a single multifactor productivity number. 

You can also use this tool on a monthly basis and track productivity over the year using your numbers for comparison.

We have preloaded some numbers for you. Click on calculate and see the results. Then come back here and enter your numbers. 

Enter the following 6 numbers:

Output is annual units produced or served each year, i.e., widgets, customers, patients, etc.  
Number Employees:
This is the average number of employees on the payroll during the year.  
Total Dollars Invested:
The total dollars you have invested in your business.This number is borrowed plus personal dollars invested.  
Total Annual Inventory Purchased:
The total annual dollars you spent on inventory to produce the total annual units entered above.  
Total Annual Machine Hours:
The total annual operating hours for your machines.  
Total Annual Kilowatt-Hours:
The total annual kilowatt-hours from your utility bills.  


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