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Bankruptcy Calculator

Bankruptcy Calculator


Let us calculate The Current Financial Health of your business. A score below .862 indicates your firm has "Failed". The higher the better.

We have preloaded some numbers for you. Click on Calculate The Score to see the results. Then come back here and enter your numbers. 

From Your Most Recent Financial Statement Enter:

Current Assets:
Total Assets:
Current Liabilities:
Interest Expense:
Profit (Loss) before Taxes:

This insolvency predictor takes the following form -:

Z = 1.03A + 3.07B + 0.66C + 0.4D
Z < 0.862; then the firm is classified as "failed"


A = Working Capital/Total Assets
B = Net Profit before Interest and Taxes/Total Assets
C = Net Profit before Taxes/Current Liabilities
D = Sales/Total Assets


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