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About Us

JaxWorks is a Microsoft Partner

We started as a “bulletin board system” by a small consortium of business consultants in 1988. Moving forward, JaxWorks was created in 1996. To take full advantage of the Internet, JaxWorks.com was activated in 1998.

Our primary mission is to offer new and developing businesses free tools necessary for their success.
Although we still use Small Business Spreadsheet Factory
©, the site has evolved into much more than that. It has been our experience over the years that anyone involved in financial analysis at any level and need ready-made tools, this site is the exciting place to be.

Business Tools
JaxWorks is the largest repository of free Excel business templates and free business analysis systems on the Internet. Teamed with our partner
Microsoft, you will find over 1,200 free Microsoft Office business templates and associated aides.

We also offer
for sale ready-made template analysis systems on our products page. These systems are created by professionals and are ranked from basic to advanced in skill levels.

Security & Privacy
Our site is secure and operates under a strict privacy policy.
     1) We do not use cookies or hidden code,
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     3) do not promote our site with unsolicited email, and
     4) do not sell links to our site and link only to sites that can help you.

Thank you for visiting our site: if we have fallen short of our goal of providing you with the best service possible, please let us know by emailing our

Below are some of the Free tools for your use.
     Free Business plan tools.
Free Dynamic Chart Factory.
Free Business analysis templates and systems.
Free Fraud Detection System.
Free Excel functions glossary and guide.
Free Glossary of financial terms.

Free Training courses for most Microsoft Office.
Free Suite of online calculators.
Free Do-it-yourself business analysis system.
     Free Library of over 150 common business templates.

Free 100s of downloads of business spreadsheets.
Free Product Instructions Manual.
Free Product Demos.
Free Budget analysis system.
Free Excel dashboard system.
Free Break-even analysis training system.
Free Micro Charting analysis system.
Free CEO business analysis system.
Free Templates For Your Apple iPad

     Free Templates For Microsoft Office 365.
 . . .    and much, much, more.