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You have arrived at the largest repository of FREE Excel business templates on the Internet. Teamed with our partner Microsoft, you will find over 1,000 FREE Microsoft Office Excel business templates and associated aides. 

Since establishing our presence on the Internet in 1996, over 41 million free Excel spreadsheets have been downloaded worldwide from our site. 
JaxWorks offers hundreds of Free Excel workbooks and spreadsheets, and associated MS Word, PDF and HTML documents, that cover a number of financial, accounting and sales functions at all skill levels.

In addition to hundreds of free templates, you will find:

     Free Business plan tools, including spreadsheets and instructions.
Free Business analysis templates and systems.
Free Fraud Detection System.
Free Excel functions glossary and guide.
Free Glossary of financial terms.
Free Training courses for most Microsoft Office applications.
Free Suite of online calculators.
Free Do-it-yourself business analysis system.
Free Library of over 150 common business templates (PC & MAC).
Free 100s of downloads of business spreadsheets.
Free Product Instructions Manual.
Free Product Demo.
Free Budget analysis system.
Free Excel dashboard system.
Free Break-even analysis training system.
Free Micro Charting analysis system.
Free CEO business analysis system.
Free Templates For Your Apple iPad®

        . . .    and much, much, more.

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Up-skill yourself in the job market by quickly adding proficiency in Microsoft Office to your resume´ for Free.

This site affords you the opportunity to up-skill yourself in the job market by quickly adding proficiency in Microsoft Office to your resume for Free.
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1) Easily learn how to perform sophisticated calculations and create formulas that automatically calculate answers. This feature assists you in developing budgets, forecasting models, creating sales plans, making financial projections, calculating inventories, generating banking statements, and basically working with any format involving numbers.

2) Excel’s data management capability allows you to manipulate lists of information such as names, addresses, inventory items, prices, etc.

3) Quickly create charts. Chart types include column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, radar, surface, and bubble.

4) Put yourself on the cutting edge by becoming proficient in the most widely used Office Suite in the world.

Alternatively, we have also prepared a 2 volume Fast Start to Excel training set that you can carry with you without accessing the Internet. Many users have applauded this set as a quick reference at work.
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Enormous Shortage of Independent Consultants To Assist Small Businesses.
There is an enormous need for independent business consultants. Couple this need with the predicted boom in business formations in expanding economies, we have the recipe for a consultancy vacuum.

Our authors decided something had to be done to help the profession be more alluring, efficient, and productive. A complete business analysis toolset to quickly analyze and assess a business is needed. Additionally, management in the forthcoming expansion need an internal analysis system to track their operations and avoid galloping expenses.

We chose the monumental task of upgrading and integrating our most powerful analysis modules into one single product. To no one’s surprise, we named it The Consultant II™. It is the comprehensive rebirth of this exclusive JaxWorks classic product.
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