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Welcome to the largest collection of FREE Excel business templates on the Internet. Teamed with our partner Microsoft, you will find over 1,000 FREE Microsoft Office Excel business templates and associated aides. 

Since establishing our presence on the Internet in 1996, millions of free Excel spreadsheets have been downloaded worldwide from our site. 
JaxWorks offers hundreds of Free Excel workbooks and spreadsheets, and associated MS Word, PDF and HTML documents, that cover a number of financial, accounting and sales functions at all skill levels.

For those who are seeking comprehensive
ready-made analysis systems, we offer a complete line of products designed for all Excel skill levels. Please Click Here


Hundreds of Free Excel templates:
  Free Business plan tools.
Free Dynamic Chart Factory.
Free Business analysis templates and systems.
Free Fraud Detection System.
Free Excel functions glossary and guide.
Free Glossary of financial terms.
Free Training courses for most Microsoft Office.
Free Suite of online calculators.
Free Do-it-yourself business analysis system.
     Free Library of over 150 common business templates.

Free 100s of downloads of business spreadsheets.
Free Product Instructions Manual.
Free Product Demos.
Free Budget analysis system.
Free Excel dashboard system.
Free Break-even analysis training system.
Free Micro Charting analysis system.
Free CEO business analysis system.
Free Templates For Your Apple iPad

     Free Templates For Microsoft Office 365.
 . . .    and much, much, more.


Cool Tool Resource: JaxWorks

What's an spreadsheet user's favorite word? Template! There is nothing more tedious or maddening then designing your own.

Here's a great place to access an extensive library of FREE spreadsheet templates. JaxWorks has everything from quarterly cash flow analysis to shipping orders.

I have to give credit to one of my favorite blogs for tipping me off to this one: Small Business CEO.

Other things that I like about JaxWorks:

- They're established and have been around since 1996.
- They have a very strict privacy policy; no cookies, no passing on your information to third party
   vendors, etc.
- To be as accessible as possible, they keep the site really stripped down. Pages download really fast.
- They do sell products, a line of more sophisticated business software. But, you have to hunt for it.
   It's not crammed down your throat on every page.
- There are also training self-tests in various programs like Excel. You can use these for not only
   training, but employee assessments.
- Here is a list of other freebies they offer on the site.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch. But, it's good to know there's still plenty of free useful tools to be found all over the web. This would be one of those resources.

Inc. Magazine, 2014